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Holy Orders and Religious Life

Fr Jeff (2)We are called to use the gifts we have been given as good stewards to help one another and to proclaim the gospel to all people.   Bishops, priests, and deacons are ordained for the roles they serve in.  While other Religious (brothers and sisters who belong to a religious order but are not ordained) are not ordained, they give their whole lives, choosing not to marry, to serve God and God’s people.

It is a calling to serve in any of these roles. All people are called to use the gifts they have been given for the building up of God’s Kingdom. Priests, deacons, and religious serve in a particular way. Serving as a priest, deacon, or religious is not a “job.”To learn more about what it means to have a calling from God check out Vocations from Fr. Jeff’s website.

Do you feel God calling you to serve as a priest, deacon, or to religious life?

If you feel you might have a vocation to serve as a religious, deacon, or priest:

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